Jiu Jitsu Program

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu originated as the ultimate form of self-defense. It's the very reason why the founders created the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). World Karate is a proud affiliate of Capital MMA, with the only black belts in Virginia and Washington DC under Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) legend–and world's leading self-defense expert–Royce Gracie.

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Day Time Age Location
Tuesday & Thursday 5:50 PM 5-8 Years Old Burke location (World Karate)
Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 PM 9-12 Years Old
Saturday 12:00 PM 7 Years & Up


Day Time Location
Tuesday & Thursday 7:15 PM Burke location (World Karate)
Monday & Wednesday 8:00 PM
Saturday 1:00 PM
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  • Tae Kwon Do Program in Fairfax County

    World Karate has been teaching an innovative Tae Kwon Do curriculum in Fairfax County for decades. It is a system that is never static as we will adapt to update and improve our teaching methods and techniques.

    At World Karate, we have martial arts programs for the entire family, whether it be a child, teenager or an adult looking for a different approach to achieving a high level of fitness.

    At World Karate, we have martial arts programs for the entire family, whether it be a child, teenager or an adult looking for a different approach to achieving a high level of fitness.

    TAE KWON DO for CHILDREN in Fairfax County

    Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts remain one the best after school activities a child in Fairfax County can be involved. The benefits of Tae Kwon Do are numerous ranging from increased confidence, increased level of fitness, improved focus and increased self defense ability making them a less likely target of an aggressor. Children learn to focus better which helps them perform better at school. The positive environment is a good balance to the many negative influences your child will deal with on a regular basis. Children learn how to set and achieve goals and learn the true meaning of discipline.


    Our students are taught the importance of respecting authority and are taught in a positive but very structured way. They are held accountable and actually crave the disciplined atmosphere they train in. Each child gains a great deal of confidence because Tae Kwon Do has a unique built in reward system for a job well done. When a child attends a minimum amount of classes, when they have trained for the required time between belts and when they show a level of competence with the techniques they must learn, belt progression is earned.


    When your seven year old is testing in front of a Black Belt judging panel, he/she is the one required to execute the forms and movements of Tae Kwon Do, not his classmates. Earning their belts gives them a great amount of pride. This is similar to scoring the touchdown in football or hitting the home run in baseball. On the other side, all preparation is done within the class, with a regular group of classmates to train with and motivate and gain the benefits of a team environment also.

    I will say with confidence that the ten year relationship we have had with your school has been life changing. I never realized how much martial arts could affect and touch people's lives. Our girls came in as no belts and left to college as multi degreed black belts. I would say that this positive experience has absolutely helped shape our children into the fine young women that they are today. I appreciate the instruction and the warm, personal relationship that you displayed with each individual student. I am thankful for coming to World Karate.

    Beth B.

    TAE KWON DO for ADULTS in Fairfax County

    Tae Kwon Do is a great way for the active adult in Fairfax County to keep in shape. It has become an opinion recently that many of the martial arts are activities for kids. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tae Kwon Do, as taught by World Karate serving Fairfax County, is an excellent way for an adult to reach a high level of fitness while alleviating the boredom that comes with normal exercise routines. Adults increase cardiovascular endurance, burn maximum calories in short periods of time and alleviate stress caused by everyday routines. They improve muscle tone, increase flexibility and also gain the important benefit of increased self defense ability. Research will show that people involved in martial arts programs will have a much higher usage rate then people involved in gym memberships. They are in fact, almost diametrically opposed as 85-90 percent of our Tae Kwon Do students use the facility on a regular basis as opposed to the 85 percent of people who have gym memberships who DO NOT attend on a regular basis. The numbers do not lie, what can you lose by trying?

    As a parent who was just bringing my son's to class, I can honestly say I never really thought much about getting involved. I gave in to the prodding from my kids and there I was in class with them kicking and punching. Your class brought us closer together more than I can explain and when we all tested for black belt together, it was by far, one of the greatest memories of my life. This is not just for kids. I would recommend it to other adults but it was the best family activity I could ever advise people to get involved in.

    Bob T.